Ryan Gosling

love the light brown suit with the dark brown tie. and just ryan gosling in general

Tom Hardy

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Yes please

Ian Somerhalder/Damon Salvatore Ann Kroon we must shower with him i won't tell john if you don't tell gavin

Channing Tatum #ChanningTatum #Channing

Can you really increase you breast size naturally without surgery, pills, creams etc , Channing Tatum ☺ ✿


Zac Efron & Chace Crawford--best mix of people in the whole entire universe. This picture should be more famous then the selfie at the oscars.

the stuff you see in parking lots!

"Why the hell is he stripping in a parking lot?He forgot to change his underwear and always keeps his gym bag in the trunk, and when he finds it, he'll smell the crotch to see if they're dirty.that's a man. Ugh, now he doesn't look quite as cute.

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