Handmade Portal Studs: In One Ear and Out The Other ( Etsy:: http://www.etsy.com/listing/102429700/handmade-portal-studs-in-one-ear-and-out )

Handmade Portal Studs: In One Ear and Out The Other. I saw these awhile back before I knew much about Portal and I thought they looked neat. Now after I played it I really want a pair but they don't sell them anymore

Ear Earrings Studs

Human "Ear Earrings" // Worn by Regina Spektor //Quirky Funky Cute Sterling Silver 925 Ear Studs//SAMPLE SALE PRICE

Ear Earrings // Worn by Regina Spektor // Sterling Silver Earrings

ear cuff

Bronze Octopus Ear Cuff - Octopus Earring Octopus Jewelry - Tentacle Earring Tentacle Jewelry - Non Pierced Earring Non Pierced Ear Cuff

Bronze Octopus Ear Cuff by martymagic on Etsy I love octopuses!

i love this. cute idea for halloween!

well i have my cartilage pierced but you can't pass up a cute skull hand cuff like that

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