Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies

It seems like a crazy mash-up, but Fruit Roll-Ups fortune cookies are perfect for Valentine's Day

Fruit Roll-Up Fortune Cookies special note in kids lunches or Valentines Day; Because I hate regular fortune cookies, but I love fruit roll ups!

First Grade Read Aloud Book Suggestions

First Grade Read Aloud Book Suggestions by This Lunch Rox. we should read aloud to our children/students every day. I always suggest the book be at least 2 grade levels above in order to build:interest, vocabulary, and background knowledge.

Easy kid craft -no -sew sock animal

Show the kids how to turn them into animals. Easy kid craft -no-sew sock animal. Great idea for all those lonely socks without a partner!

{ printable cards to teach kids to sew }

Such a cute twist on this idea! Free Printable Sewing Cards, teach kids how to sew. Laminate then punch small holes where the marks are. Use a yarn needle so they wont stab their fingers.

DIY Leaf Crowns and Animal Masks

Kids Craft - DIY Paper bag animal mask project, paper bags from stores reused to create fun masks, great photo booth opportunity with friends

My girls love to follow clues

Clues for a "Counting by Tens" puzzle hunt. scavenger hunt clues to lead kids to baggies of 10 puzzle pieces each. kids can count the puzzle pieces by and then have fun putting puzzle together.

2 boxes cornstarch + 1 can shaving cream = summer snowball fight.

Christmas snowball fight in texas! From Play Create Explore: Summer Snowballs with Fluffy Stuff - 2 boxes cornstarch + 1 can shaving cream!


Thinking of making Avery and Elijah a DIY puppet theater and some sock puppets. This looks like an easy enough puppet for a beginner. Six Sisters' Stuff: Easy Monster Sock Puppet Tutorial

Amazing Rainbow Loom Ideas

Amazing Rainbow Loom Ideas - not for me. for my nieces. yes of course. This will be cute for niece when she gets older.

5 Fab Free Audio Books for Kids.

5 Fab Free Audio Books for Kids

My best friend of eight years and college roommate of four can probably tell you that my mornings are not very pretty. Not only do I loathe the phrase “the early bird catches the worm,” but if you want to avoid the wrath of Emma in the morning, you b

woodland creature roundup

Lines Across: Woodland Creature Brown Paper Bags (and a Giveaway).Today I'm going to show you how to make these woodland creature brown paper bags: a hedgehog, a raccoon, and a fox. My inspiration: these owl gift bags and this woodland creature roundup.

BEAT BLOCKS - Rhythm building blocks that promote musical literacy

Rhythmic Building Bricks

For the music teacher in your life - BEAT BLOCKS - Rhythm building blocks that promote musical literacy.