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If youre looking for a sleek and simple way to pull your hair back, this is it! #beauty #style #howto

Perfect Summer Lunch: Easy Avocado and Provolone Turkey Wraps. These Can Be Made In Under 10 Minutes! They Are Healthy, Simple, And SOO Delicious. I Prepare These For Lunch Every Week And My Kids Never Complain!

tired of cheesy grins from your kids in photos? try these 5 tips for getting a beautiful, genuine smile from your toddler or preschooler. I'm going to try #5 for sure!

get great photos of your toddler with these tips on getting them to sit still and look at the camera

great tips for getting your toddler to sit still and look at the camera so you can get great photos - #5 is my favorite! #toddlers #photography

Toilet bowl cleaner with bleach clings to the caulk and successfully removes mildew.

Volleyball Nail Art Tutorial. When you have a volleyball game, get together with some of your teammates and do their nails with these super easy volleyball nails! Or if you aren't a volleyball player, go support your friends' with this kind of mani.

Belly Pooch Be GONE!!!! Here Are The BEST Exercises To Flatten Your Lower Belly!!! Click On The Link Below For The FULL Video.

Cure a severe diaper rash immediately

This easy strawberry sauce is the perfect way to use up those fresh summer strawberries. Perfectly sweet and tangy, you'll want to pour it over everything!

Learning How to Take VHS Tapes and Archive Their Content

Shooting Mode: Part 3 - aperture priority | Boost Your Photography

All the homebrew calculators you'll ever need.

9 Must-Take Newborn Photos…

Gooey Chocolate Pecan Pie Bars-your favorite pecan pie loaded with semi-sweet chocolate and made into a bar for easy eating!

Hoppy IPA Pickles Recipe | Celebration Generation: Food, Life, Kitties!

Crock Pot French Toast: Combine: 6 eggs, 1 c milk, 1 tsp cinnamon, 1 tbsp light brown sugar, and 1 tsp vanilla. Cook 6-8 hours.

DIY Sofa Table for $25 using stair rails as legs.

How to Make Cute Diaper Babies | Click Pic for 30 DIY Baby Shower Ideas for Boys | DIY Baby Shower Gifts for Boys

Texas Tornado Cake - A sweet and super moist cake made from canned fruit and other pantry staples. Delicious and easy!