Remember when...

Remember when...

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The olden days, where NO conversation was private...until you figured out about going into the garage and closing the cord in the door.

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Fisher Price ferris wheel

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I practically wore out the wheels skating to Donna Summer in Anne's garage.

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23 Things You Used to Wear as a Little girl | I wore the crap out of these barrettes!

23 Things You Used To Wear As A Kid

i probably still have my orange demo gun floating around somewhere!

PICS: 30 Great Things About Growing Up In 1970s Britain

Vintage 1970 Romper Room Romper Stompers - Had these! Can't believe I never sprained my ankle!

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Tupperware Popsicle Maker

I'm Remembering!

making school book covers

A Year From Oak Cottage: Wednesday morning prattle . . .

Remember when your costume would come with these plastic masks??

Miscellaneous Items

80's kids rule!

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Brach's Pick-a-Mix

Once Upon a Product: I want candy.

Whistle pops! - B6 Alarm horn honk when activating the alarm.

Ha, ha

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because a rubber band is cheaper than bluetooth. Amazing

Rigged | Ghetto Red Hot


Funny Pictures Of The Day - 78 Pics


Funny Pictures - 39 Pics

Magilla Gorilla

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Hippity Hop!

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Mid-70s. Lemon Twist! Put the loop around your ankle, then skip in place while the plastic lemon at the end of the rope twirls in a circle. LOVED THIS!!

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Glue!!! ....many hours of fun peeling this off my fingers...

Vintage Glues -

Hallmark Vintage 80's Shirt Tales Cartoon by RosiesStickers, $4.50

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vintage DUSTER D. DUCKLING Powder Fluff Puff by Avon.

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The Game of Jaws (toys and novelties)

Fisher Price Horse

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