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Teen Wolf saison 5 : Le récap WTF de l'épisode 7, Strange Frequencies ! (SPOILERS) | meltyBuzz

20 Reasons Stiles Stilinski From "Teen Wolf" Is The Man Of Your Dreams

Teen Wolf. Hahaha

You were serious? - Teen Wolf probably one of my favorite scenes. Ahah when the coach had no faith in Scott

season 2 haha coach

Teen Wolf / iFunny :) Check out the website to see more/ Oh I love coach XD


"i don't know that danny. its your dream. take responsibility. shut up and go to sleep." stiles is so funny

Teen Wolf ~ Coach Finstock and Sheriff Stilinski - Well, alright then. Hiya Cupcake. (Orny Adams and Linden Ashby)

Oh, well I like to be called cupcake - Coach Finstock.

Stiles face

Stiles & Coach Love Stiles' face at the end LOL