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And the most EXCITING SYLLABUS goes to… | The Creative Language Class (love the layout)

And the most EXCITING SYLLABUS goes to...


What Are Your Classroom Rules? Click for free downloads on my blog post (links for elementary & secondary teachers).

Mrs. Orman's Classroom: What Are Your Classroom Rules?


Linear regression - graphing toaster setting vs time to toast

Toaster Regression, Ctd.


After School Routine Checklist - A very good idea to get in the habit of and feel awesome when you step into your room the next morning!

Middle School Math Rules!: After School Routine Checklist


Great growth mindset foldable.

Reformatting the Mashed Potatoes: The FIRST WEEK of School


Real world high school math: Learning algebra and geometry from life | Unschool RULES

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Over 500 videos that explain and demonstrate solving problems in Algebra I, Algebra II, and Calculus.

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Algebra 2 Cheat Sheets: 11 reference printables from Scaffolded Math and Science on TeachersNotebook.com - (13 pages) - A series of printables covering 11 Algebra 2 topics.

Algebra 2 Cheat Sheets: 11 reference printables |


Finally a way for kids to understand domain and range from a graph? Visual/foldable activity so they can see the limits of the function.

Math = Love: Algebra 2 Interactive Notebook Pages for Unit 1


square root of negative one teach math: Airplane Method for Factoring..this is a new one for me, very cool

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Classroom Memes for Routines and Rules. Fun!

Teacher Memes | SpanishPlans.org


name mandala. I've done this with my grade 4 and 5's. Beautiful and SO simple!

Art Paper Scissors: Mandala Art Projects


Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff | Edutopia - ‘Who had a fabulous struggle today? (Morehead 2012)

Developing a Growth Mindset in Teachers and Staff


Growth Mindset in the Classroom (C) M J Bromley 2014

Developing a growth mindset in the classroom


Moving out of your comfort zone - fixed versus growth mindsets

Growth Mindset Launch


A quick video explaining the idea behind growth mindset. Great for an introduction to students.

Growth Mindset Video - Safeshare.TV


A complete growth mindset unit: 10 lessons, interactive journal for students, growth mindset bulletin board, and printable posters. Designed for grades 3-5 but adaptable. (Priced)

6 ways to teach growth mindset from day one of school (& a big giveaway)


8 Apps That'll Make High School A Little Easier - check out 30/30 time management app! I am so putting this on Tripp's iPhone.

8 Apps Every High School Student Needs


Technology Ideas for Teachers - Use Remind 101 to text reminders to students. Some cool ideas - more for junior or high school

Crafty Teacher Lady: Technology Ideas for Teachers


Finding JOY in 6th Grade: Classroom Management: The Purple Clipboard. I wonder if this would be hard to maintain accurately all day, might work better in a middle/high school setting for periods than all day elem management. Like this idea.

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Math = Love: Foldables, Templates, Graphic Organizers, and Downloads

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Setting the Tone in the First 10 Minutes of the First Day of School- I think even high school kids would love this!

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Group Structure Building - 10 Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids, bit.ly/1mqNS9f, #team, #building, #kids

10+ Team Building Activities for Adults and Kids - Hative


These conversation starters could help for time on the telephone too with grandkids growing up without seeing you regularly. Let the sheet of ideas ask YOU the question first. Then perhaps on the next call, you might say something like, "I was just asked this question, _____ ! And I thought to myself, I wonder how you would have answered that?"

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team building activities

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