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Twisted hairband / and it is also a way to make curls! Just add some water do the same thing as the twisted hairband and sleep on it and take it out on the morning :)

The Boho Chic Ponytail

Giddy Up Ponytail. lush and long classic style Boho Chic Ponytail Tutorial Color for Fall: burgundy plum with a dark base ponytail

Perfect for graduation

Hair Color: Reverse Ombre - blonde to brown Want this on my hair! With my hair it would look blonde

Jean's Color Deep Red By Alfaparf Milano

Jean's Color Deep Red By Alfaparf Milano. I still want to dye my hair this color .I love this color!

#burgundy #hair...trying to achieve this color!

The best site for different hair color charts; including different brands, and skin color tone. Very helpful! I want this hair I want a change

Ugh I wish my hair was long again... So gorgeous tho:)

Caramel Against Dark Long hair can easily showcase hair color beautifully. Dark brown hair with caramel highlights is one strong example of how strategically placed color can revolutionize an entire mane of hair.

Short Hair Styles

It's time to get a new hairstyle! Here we have gathered images of Latest Graduated Bob Haircuts that you may want to try! It is a known fact that bob hair.

Very cute x

"I recommend it for hair tutorials. This updo is great for second day hair. A pretty alternative to a pony tail!