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De stoomboot van Sinterklaas

Paper sculpture example- Origami Whales with boat in ocean- elementary art (art teacher: v. When Peter walks on water?

Trace the shadow of your sculpture -  foil figure

Trace the shadow of your sculpture - foil figure or another object with a clearly identifiable shape. Ask, "If I hold the light here, will the shadow move?" Explore how the shadow elongates and shortens as the light is moved.

laine + encre et carton

Abstract art: What is wetfelting and how to you do it? RT Elizabeth Armstrong, artist in residence at a grammar school, pre-k and graders layout stage before wetfelting

Sixth Grade

Use Your Coloured Pencils - students create texture paper from eight pieces of smooth white paper. Each piece needed to have a different texture. Texture was created with hole punches fancy scissors, shredded paper pieces, folding and cutting paper, etc.

Alberto Giacometti figurative sculptures and shadows

Super creative craft project for kids. Make aluminum foil sculptures and draw their shadows in the background. Tie to writing project. Videos of babies seeing shadows for first time