Patterns and Tutorials for #Disney Princess Costumes for #Halloween or the Dress Up Box!  Includes: #Cinderella, #SnowWhite, #Belle, #Tiana, #Rapunzel, #Merida, #Aurora, #Jasmine, #Ariel, & #TInkerBell

20 Free Disney Princess Costume Patterns & Tutorials

All your Disney Princess Costumes for Halloween or the Dress Up Box! The real Disney Princesses will appreciate these so much more ;


Old Socks into stick horses. Pictures only, but they show how to stuff and decorate the sock. For KAYA horse extension

ateliersreinette: indians felt feather wargear Native American headdressso awesome for kids party bday tribal, festival boho felt kids costume headdress

Free pattern: Fleece knight hat

Fleece Knight Helmet Hat {Free Pattern} - there's a cute picture of the knight costume on the linked page, although a tutorial is provided only for the helmet :)

tablier infirmiere pour enfant - tutoriel sur petit citron

Tablier d'infirmière

Nurses costume - add a little hat, and some velcro bandages.