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Lauren Conrad's 10 secrets for getting gorgeous overnight


The latest yoga trend is here — and it's beautiful

  • Mindy DeBenedetto
    Mindy DeBenedetto

    Amanda Byrne that's awesome!! I've done Aqua yoga and it was super hard to hold the poses!

  • April Whisenand
    April Whisenand

    Our newest trend drowning suicide-----it really releases you-------lol-----------

The hair color I never thought I'd get

  • Janet Jennings
    Janet Jennings

    No way she looks better. It's not bad but is definitely aging

  • Yadira De Leon
    Yadira De Leon

    It doesn't look that bad but it does age her. I'm embracing my grey hair as well only because I don't want to dye it; but I certainly would not dye it completely grey.

  • Kassy

    Same. I have quite a bit of grey highlights at 25. I'm done coloring my hair unless it starts to look bad

  • Lisa Kolkman
    Lisa Kolkman

    So weird. Its an article about embracing your grey hair (with some insinuation that it is her natural self) but then the story evolves to some kind of crazy multi process dye job. I don't get it. I am all for crazy hair, and bless her, she seems to love it. I just don't think she is embracing her grey hair. Weird article.

  • Kassy

    Agreed ^ it is weird

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  • Kelsey Erin
    Kelsey Erin

    Madelyn Don

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    Kelly Elizabeth

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  • Kristy Bettencourt
    Kristy Bettencourt

    Peter Rhodes

10 delicate piercing ideas that L.A. girls LOVE


    I want another ear-piercing now :)

Blake Lively just shared the first photo from her wedding — and it is unspeakably beautiful

  • Elisa ...
    Elisa ...

    "Unspeakably beautiful" was a bit of an over-sell.

  • Dyanna Littke
    Dyanna Littke

    This photo was released at the time of their wedding- it isn't new.