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The Best Way to Clean Your Bathtub!

The Best Way to Clean Your Bathtub.

Cleaning your toilet with coca cola will get out the nastiest stains! One pinner said: "I had my cousin try it when they bought a house and the toilets were disgusting, this trick left the toilets looking like new! I have also used Coke for cleaning soot off of the fireplace heat box, or outdoor grill." Since it's the phosphoric acid that does a lot of the work in cleaning the toilet- it's just as effective to use soda water, and it might be better because it won't have a sugary residue

How to Clean a Toilet With Coke: 9 Steps (with Pictures)

Fresh Home Trick. The blogger has listed 10 different scent ideas for us to try. Some for the holidays, some Summery, just a great list!

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How to clean the washing machine...should see a difference

How to Clean Your {Top-Loader} Washing Machine - One Good Thing by Jillee

slower cooker time conversions chart

LargeFamilySlowCooker: Slow Cooker Conversions

6 Natural Ibuprofen Substitutes

6 Natural Ibuprofen Substitutes - Natural Holistic Life

Building up a reserve of food in your pantry is one of the keys to saving big on groceries. Don't miss these great tips & video for how to create a stockpile!

coupons 101: how to create a stockpile - Living Well Spending Less®

free cash envelope system template and tutorial

FREE Cash Envelope System Template

This is a GREAT blog on little things to do to save BIG money!

Small Steps to Saving Big Dollars

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser. I wake up early now, which is a miracle. Here's how I picked up the habit.

7 Steps to Become an Early Riser

Car Detailing Tips

Fluster Buster: Car Detailing - Tips and Tricks

Maybe someday I'll make more than 30k..

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So this chicken recipe – believe me when I tell you – cannot get any simpler. (Simplicity – just one more spoke on my wheel of comfort.) Pro...

Chicken & Gravy

Build a $1000 Emergency Fund in (less than) a year! Savings, Money, Finances

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Have you ever wondered how some homes sell in just a matter of days and others may take years? Price is one major factor that plays a part in the success rates of homes selling quicker than others, but not entirely. We sold our home in just 8 days after it was listed! Find out how you can set your home above your competition.

8 Things We Did to Sell Our Home in 8 Days! - His and Her Money

DIY: How To Completely Organize Your Kitchen! This post has everything you need With Worksheets- to organize every part of your Kitchen ! And is divided into parts, so you can also just work on the one area that needs it the the Most !!i Great Ideas, Easy to Follow, And THOROUGH Resource!

My Organized Kitchen!

On this journey to frugal living, I've learned quite a few things. I've learned what I am an not willing to sacrifice, as well as not to judge others for their choices.

21 Things Frugal People DON'T Do! - Retired by 40

How to get oil and grease stains out of clothes. I can wear the other half of my wardrobe again!!

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1000 Life Hacks some of these are obvious, but some are helpful

Photo (1000 Life Hacks)

Are you ready to take your money to the next level? Here's how we're building wealth with $600 a month - including exactly what we invest in!

Building Wealth On $600 Dollars Per Month - DINKS Finance

11 Money Saving Life Hacks - PrettyProvidence

Money Saving Life Hacks

Need to save money and live frugally? These are 16 tips from my great-grandmother in 1913 that still apply today. Read now for time tested tips to stretch your dollar

16 Ways to Save Money and Live Frugally

Ever wonder how those budget categories and percentages are supposed to work? The 50/20/30 budget formula is the simple simple approach to categories.

The 50/20/30 Budget - The Budget Mama

Budget Challenge :: Each Week will will explore new ways to help you create a better budget and STICK with it! Set your goals for 2015.

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Living on less STINKS sometimes.. check out over 200 tips and articles on how to live a frugal lifestyle. I'm sure you will find a few you LOVE!

Frugal Living with Frugal Living Mom | Frugal Living Mom