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Dracula: From gothic horror to tragic hero. How did this happen? The Evil one may have been a man at one time but he is no more. Do not mistake him for a mere misunderstood man for it will cost you your everlasting soul. More

Vamp ♥ Linda Hallberg - incredible makeup artist. Very inspiring -- from her daily makeup blog. | Inspiration for upcoming projects by Adagio Images at or | ♥

The changing is the worst pain anyone will ever experience. Alex rives in pain on his bed, with a cloth in his mouth to muffle his screaming. The red marks have gotten to his face, and spread all across his body.

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Love this for the eye that will not have the missing eye effect. Really like the gradient of black and the veins, I would probably do it a bit more messy for a less eye-shadowy look and more SFX, but this really inspired me!