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Photography (Food for my soul)

Photography (Food for my soul)

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Urban Outfitters - Blog - Tumblr Tuesday: Paula Gallardo

Tumblr Tuesday: Paula Gallardo

Marlon Brando..

Ever leaned his head against the wall, hopelessness clouding his thoughts. He was sitting in one of the boothes in the tiny coffee shop on the courner. He quietly watched the dust dance in the rays of light cascadeing through the window. They left him. He was utterley alone now. Nobody to protect or yell at for trying to save his life. In a strange way he was glad they left. Rayne would keep Harley alive no matter what. Ever watched as they fell in love from the very start. He should have known he never had a chance. Skyelar would be fine eventually. He always was. Ever felt afraid for his little brother. Emotion was brand new to him, and Ever was afraid how his brother would react to greif. "No," he told himself, "its better this way." He thought of harleys big brown eyes, laced with fear and deep sadness as she held him in his arms last he saw her. "Its better this way" he reminded himself. "Its better that they think he's dead." The ocean of disconslation in his heart finally got the best of him and he leaned forward and let himself cry.

Fishnet light

Vintage Décor Inspiration at Hillside Farmacy



palm frond

smokin' by Martin Strauss on 500px





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Antique Scissors

Audrey Hepburn

“[Getting old] doesn’t frighten me, but I wish I didn’t have to, because I like life a lot… You know, one would love to be younger, to have more time. Yet, there’s a big advantage to being older… It’s an excuse in a way to get rid of a lot of the tension you have when you are young… if I were twenty years old, I doubt I’d be able to say that so serenely since I’d have to get out and prove things to myself, make a living and still see the world.”

clean white shirt

I'm bringing sexy back

Black and white portrait.

you are as beautiful as a daisy

David Hamilton