Hey guys!!! I just finished an anime and I am looking for a new one. Any suggestions???

Anime Illustrations by Cartoongirl7

Mists of Eden - Anime Illustrations by

Aunque no hubiera estado obligada a ir, yo lo habría suplicado. Ahora soy útil, supongo.- Iris

Most people that get bullied go through depression. When some one has depression they feel worthless or BROKEN!

Totoro by VIPluvB2ST.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Totoro and his umbrella adventures


Kawai chibi girl with short black hair!

The walls she had made that made me feel secure was gone. But she had given me a memory I never belivied we would have. I wil have it with me rest of my life... I just dont know anymore about you, guess I have one less problem without you

IB IB (Game) KyouKaraa [Deviantart ] I don't own the pic, credits to the real owner~!


Totoro artwork by Vincent Belbari

Chibi girl in pink dress with pink hair


manjusstackables by Strawberry♥Cuteness.

✮ ANIME ART ✮ in the rain. . .formal dress. . .corset. . .ruffles. . .tattoo. . .long hair. . .silver hair. . .hair flower. . .umbrella. . .rain drops. . .sad. . .cute. . .kawaii

kawaii anime girl in the rain

Coloring Hair Tutorial (Miku ver.) by KyouKaraa

Coloring Tutorial (from sketch to final)