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Ezra employs rigorous and vigorous testing of everything from harnesses to treats to toys to clothes — and more. We figured if it works for him, maybe it'll…
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a dog sticking its head over the top of a wooden fence with text reading treating separation and
Treating Separation Anxiety In Dogs
book. This is by Malena DeMartini Price, the world's greatest dog trainer and one of my favorite people. She is part of TEST: Tedoodle Emotional Support Team.
two dogs sitting in the grass behind a sign that says ruff
meetup. RUFF (Rescues United For Fun) is for small-dog rescues and their people. Dogs with quirks are extra-welcome as RUFFians. We run RUFF as part of The Little Dog Friends Network. http://www.meetup.com/littledogs/
a dog sitting in the back seat of a car with its head inside a basket
car seat. The Large Tagalong™ Pet Booster Seat keeps Ezra safe and in one place. http://www.solvitproducts.com/page/products/booster-seat-large
a dog running across a sandy beach next to the ocean with people in the background
outing. Ezra loves Saturday mornings at the San Francisco Small Dog Beach Walk at Ocean Beach. http://sfsmalldogs.org/
a bag of tail mix on a white background
high-value treats. These little burgers are one of Ezra's favorite high-value treats.
a stuffed animal sitting inside of a box filled with toys and other items on a blue background
delivery. BarkBox helped Ezra get over his fear of boxes. He now gets ridiculously excited when his monthly BarkBox arrives. In fact, he gets excited when any box arrives, then very mad if it's not for him.