pale seaglass multifaceted gold flake ring by RosellaResin on Etsy ~ These come in many different shapes and colours! Beautiful!

Possible Wedding Bands? Unique and eco friendly, comes in colors Love the jewelry at Rosella Resin - pale seaglass multifaceted eco resin ring with gold flakes - via Etsy.

Umm yes!

Stylish Couples - Street Style NYC 2014

most unique cell phone case ever? Love it! Have brass knuckles for self defense & just received newest defense item from the NRA: my phone case which has a switch blade hidden on back!

marc jacobs lock: "don't fuck with my shit"

Your Gym Must Have (Seriously): Jacobs by Marc Jacobs Lock

Marc Jacobs lock: "Don't Fuck with My Shit." Uhh if you have the money to buy a Marc Jacobs lock instead of just a plain ol' hardware store lock, then if I were a thief I would DEFINITELY fuck with your shit.


His wedding band with her fingerprint- I want this! My honey's fingerprint on a thick band for me.maybe a middle finger band for the right hand?

Braided tee shirt scarf

DIY recycled t shirt braided scarf tutorial.mine came out more like a scarf for Hannah.must use an XL.large fitted women's shirt was too small.

Brooke Stone: Silver, Onyx eyes, horsehair, copper feathers w/ black patina

<3 You

Necklace with his and hers thumbprints engraved onto each half of the heart. How unique! Wish I would have gotten my moms thumbprint before she passed :-(

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