This made me laugh too hard...

Do you need to use the sleep?

Funny pictures about Do you need to use the sleep? Oh, and cool pics about Do you need to use the sleep? Also, Do you need to use the sleep?

or other scary things that come out in the dark. Like burglars. Or murderers, or clowns. Or spiders, or ghosts.


Extreme Home Makeover

[Extreme Makeover: Home Edition] "I kinda like horses." "We made your room into a horse and decorated it with horses and here we got you three pet horses and we are paying for surgery to make you into a horse!

real talk

Quotes: In alcohol's defense I've done some pretty dumb shit while completely sober too!


The perfect combination…


Most of us can agree…

Dog people and cat people agree on bird people. so true

She is so great!

Jennifer Lawrence on rumors about her being with Prince Harry. I love her!

It's funny because it's true

This is definitely a Golden Retriever-Thing! lol (Good morning, I'm just gonna wag my tail against noisy stuff until you wake up. because I love you)

Stuck In Traffic When Suddenly...

Stuck In Traffic When Suddenly…

"Alright, who started the game of Jumanji?" Funny Pictures Of The Day

Damn recon chip! Every time!

Relatable Post- that sad moment you loose a chip in the dip then you send in a recon chip and that breaks too.