Lauren Souers

Lauren Souers

Lauren Souers
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This week's lesson in our "Kids On A Mission" series takes to the wild and wacky island-nation of Madagascar!

This site does a week by week lesson for the Great commission. This is their first post and Part 2 iscoming Friday!

How I [accidentally] Fell In Love With Home Schooling

My old notions and assumptions (which were nothing more than ignorant stereotypes) have been proven completely wrong.

It's Not Salsa Unless It's Addictive!

When was the last time you guarded the salsa bowl because you wanted every last bite for yourself?

The Most Delicious Paleo Chicken Noodle Soup!

An incredible recipe to please even the toughest "healthy" noodle critics!

Perfect Homemade Ranch!

The Ranch you never knew, you never knew.

The Best Homemade Chicken Fingers

Once upon a time, I had an idea to make my own chicken fingers, Two years later, it's still one of the BEST ideas I've ever had.

Easy. Yummy. Corn Salad.

You're summer just got a little brighter, and tang-ier, and awesome.

Homemade, Organic Popcorn In 2 Minutes!

Homemade [Organic] Popcorn in 2 Minutes

Recipe For The Best Smashed Cauliflower

This is a first class recipe that I tweaked from my favorite grocery store! I was having major cauliflower burn-out, but NOT ANYMORE!

The 5 Extraordinary Levels Of A Toddler Meltdown

A good understanding of these five levels can give you the confidence you need to survive even a Category 5 meltdown, in the library.

8 Tips To Conquering The "Threenager" Years

The threenager year is complicated, intense, and basically having a tiny teenager.

Where To T urn When It's Been "One Of Those Days"

What is a mommy to do when one of those horribly horrible days takes her by surprise?

How To  Make Better Butternut Squash!

How To Make Better Butternut Squash!