Swap first layer with teal fairy dress, lave bellydance tie-top, use black corset-belt with matching teak ribbon. New playful outfit.

ROBERTO CAVALLI - snake strap back gown

dreadfulstripper: “ game-of-style: “ Nymeria Sand - Roberto Cavalli Snake Strap Back Gown(x) - submitted by thestraightcurve ” i have a MIGHTY NEED ”

Claire Pettibone 2015 Bridal Collection

Claire Pettibone 2015 Bridal Collection "Gothic Angel"

Dior Haute Couture 2015 | Rani Kakhem Haute couture- f/w 2014-2015

15 (Head-Over-Heels Gorgeous) Floral Wedding Dresses

Rani zakhem haute couture fall winter 2013 2014 dress If I wanted a non-white wedding dress.

❤ Atelier Aimee 2014 jaglady

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Rami Salamoun

If I didn't get dumped this would have been the ball gown winner . Jewel Backed Gown by Rami Salamoun.

Elf green and brown clothes. Forest wood elf. Faery boots.

Knee High Owl Forest Boot / Moccasin Hand Stitched Thick Bullhide Upper With Durable Vibram Sole


These Fantastical Stella De Libero Creations are from a wedding dress collection. Stunning wedding fashion that modernises the traditional gown.

There are 2 tips to buy this hair accessory: pink beautifu flower wreath flower crown flower headband flowers boho boho chic rustic indie hipster girly sweater romantic fairy tale.