Best classic movies

Rear Window- James Stewart, Grace Kelly-Great Alfred Hitchcock movie - My favorite movie of all time

One of the best movies of all time.

"Gone With the Wind" - This classic stars Vivian Leigh as Scarlett O'Hara and Clark Gable as Rhett Butler in the Civil War south.

Gene Kelly...Singin' in the Rain, jus singin' in the rain...

At I discovered girls. At that time, dancing was the only way you could put your arm around the girl. Dancing was courtship. Only later did I discover that you dance joy. You dance love. You dance dreams. ~ Gene Kelly, Singing In The Rain

Imitation of Life starring Lana Turner, John Gavin and Sandra Dee, 1959

Imitation of Life (1959)

My Grandmother's favorite movie. Imitation of Life 1959 Lana Turner, John Gavin, and Sandra Dee

ghost movie - Google Search

Ghost - Patrick Swayze, Demi Moore & Whoopi Goldberg in a movie with romance, comedy, thriller, mind twisting in every way imaginable and then some