I grew up on a dirt road. The one thing I love about the South is there is always room to run. Fields and Fields of just grass. Where you can actually see the stars at night.

Luv this long dirt road.it reminds me of my grandma's farm AND a dirt road we traveled several times from Pienza to Monticchiello that reminded us of grandma's farm!

I'm an old southern woman

"I am an old southern woman, and I am supposed to wear funny clothes, ugly hats, and dig in the dirt. I did not make the rules.

Return to the South Pocket Tee in Green by Knot Clothing & Belt Co. Havin' a Slice of Southern!

and he just blew us away.

Country Musician, Fred Price, Sitting Outdoors in Front of Old House Playing the Fiddle. Price claims to have learned to play the fiddle literally before dinner. His father came home.

There's no denying... we just say the cutest things, don't we?

Show your Southern roots with this Heavens to Betsy Vintage Wall Tin. This retro sign is the perfect detail for homes filled with sweet tea and southern charm.

Domestic peace

17 Things Our Grandparents Did When “Green” Was Just A Color. This made me want to hang a clothesline. I can still remember the smell of my sheets my mom would hang dry outside, and it is such a great smell! Why don't I use a clothesline?

Yes, we do this in the South!

Yes, we do this in the South! Even if it's just a little bit of snow that's expected, we go to the grocery store before it hits to get bread and milk. Every time.

Southern Tradition

Why Southerners eat black-eyed peas & greens on New Year's Day ~ from Deep South Dish ~ love this tradition! ~ every year!

Fried Green Tomato Burgers With A Spicy Thousand Island Sauce

Fried Green Tomato Burgers Recipe by Paula Deen

The Main Course - Fried Green Tomato Burgers - Oh my gosh! These sound amazing! Onion rolls, bacon, and fried green tomatoes! You know we'll have to watch "Fried Green Tomatoes" while eating these!

Moon River, written by Savannah's own, Johnny Mercer

"Moon river off to see the world. There's such a lot of world to see. We're after the same rainbow's end - waitin' round the bend. My huckleberry friend. Moon river and me.