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Laurie Guilbault
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this is just nothing but the truth

Gemini has the worst time coping with = harsh realities, relying on others (loss of independence) and being controlled in anyway.All so True!

True... If there's a fake vibe or weird feeling I would limit myself...

This is so true! People think just because you are a Gemini you are always outgoing. That's not always the case. I will only open up if I am comfortable around you and feel I can trust you.

oh yeah...unfortunately this may be slightly completely accurate...

Gemini- my ex landlady was one and really manipulative. With her, I'd be laughing one minute, crying the next, angry, confused and crazy simultaneously then be laughing again. Geminis are weird!

Yeah to the point of being taken advantage of

Gemini is an airy sign ruled by Mercury. Gemini borns have a sharp intellect and they have a conscious mind.