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30 recipes of Christmas candy

Our Best Christmas Candy

30 recipes of Christmas candy by Better Homes & Gardens--pictured are Peanut butter truffles

Christmas Candy

Candy-Cane Marshmallows Give out homemade treats that are great in hot cocoa -- or straight from the bag. Peppermint marshmallows are easy to make; they get their red swirl from a quick marbleizing technique. Get the Candy-Cane Marshmallows Recipe

30 Best Christmas Candy Recipes

Candy Cane Bark~ This candy is so simple to make that the kids can help -- and it makes a great party favor or stocking stuffer.more than one recipe.

30 Best Christmas Candies

Our Best Christmas Candy

Coconut and Grapefruit Gumdrops; A childhood favorite gets a makeover by infusing the candy with bold tropical flavors and cutting them into sleek squares. The chewy gumdrops are softer than their store-bought counterparts, plus twice as flavorful!

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30+ candy recipes

Our Best Christmas Candy

Salt and Pink Peppercorn Caramels. A sprinkling of course salt adds crunch and brings out the creamy sweetness of the caramels. Pink peppercorns have a mild citrus-sweet heat that adds a light flavor and color.

30+ Christmas Cookie recipes

100 Christmas Holiday Cookie Ideas - Great list of cookies. I made these Petite Peppermint Sandwich cookies last Christmas, and everyone asked for the recipe!

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