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FREE Printable Cleaning Schedule That Fits Your Time Schedule : I pretty much follow this... people ask me how I manage to keep a clean house. Heres my answer!

Cleaning Schedule Architecture: Building One that Works for You

How to Get Housework Done With a Newborn Baby : 7 tips for tackling chores! "My fav designating a basket and putting things in it all day then at end of day put it up."

How to get housework done with a newborn baby

10 Zen Cleaning Tips

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DIY House Cleaning Game w/ FREE Printables! : makes cleaning the house fun for the kids!

a thousand words: The House Game (now with downloads)

FREE Printable Spring Cleaning Checklist : A room-by-room breakdown for seasonal cleaning. Do as much or as little as time permits.

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Clean Mama's Spring Cleaning Checklist is FREE on Springpad! : download the FREE App onto your iPad, iPhone, Kindle, Nook, Android, and on the Web!!

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3 Steps To Get Things Done [FREE Printable] : via www.kindleexpert....

Master House Cleaning List : breaks projects down into days, weeks, months, semi-annual, and yearly projects + FREE printables!

Complete Housekeeping Printable Set!

FREE printable Clean Up Blitz Cards : it's a quick and easy way to keep the house tidy so that the day can run more efficiently. It’s also another great opportunity to teach your kids home stewardship and life skills.

Free Printable Clean-Up Blitz Cards

118 Ways to Make a Chore Chart [Tutorials] : via Little Family Fun

Little Family Fun: 118 Ways to Make a Chore Chart!

11 Schedules To Keep You Organized

Organizing Made Fun: 11 Great Schedules to keep you organized

Spring Cleaning FREE Printable

Spring Cleaning Free Printable - How to Nest for Less™

DIY Harmony Jar [Tutorial] : When the kids fight or misbehave, they pick a stick from the harmony jar. Some things are chores and many are things to do for the other sibling... colored tongue depressors + sharpie pen + jar = genius!

Our "Harmony Jar"

How To Make a Cleaning Binder [Tutorial] : includes TONS of FREE printables too!

How to Make a Cleaning Binder - Clean and Scentsible

Peter Walsh's Spring Cleaning To Do List : FREE printable!

Peter Walsh's Spring Cleaning To Do List

FREE Cleaning & Organizing Checklist Printable : ready to get organized this year? use this simple & free printable cleaning checklist to help! only 3 tasks each month! | www.MoritzFineBlo...

Simple Yearly Cleaning Check-list |

How I fit cleaning into my weekly routine, hopefully it will spark some ideas for you too!

The Benefits of a Daily Housecleaning Schedule - Pulling Curls

Spring Cleaning the Easy Way : Air vents in the dishwasher!!

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Use Post It Tabs To Organize Lists : "I am a list maker. This summer I discovered how easy it is to organize my to do list with post it tabs!"

Using Post It Tabs To Organize Your Lists - Organize 365

Managing Modern Life | Seasonal chores list

Seasonal Chore List | Printables | Geralin Thomas

Having trouble getting your toddlers to clean? Try these successful tips!

How to Help Your Toddlers Complete Chores

Circle Method For To-Do Lists

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Holding Toys For Ransom : kids need to do a chore to get the item back. If they still haven't gotten toy back after a month, it must not be that important to them so donate it to charity and get rid of the clutter!

Holding Toys For Ransom
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DIY Dry Erase Chore Chart [Tutorial] : made from Word


The 31 Day House Cleaning Routine

Fresh and Organized: The 31 Day House Cleaning Routine