Bible~Character Study

Resources and ideas related to learning about the Bible and building character in myself and my children.
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Build the Ark of the Covenant - will go well with our Old Testament study and love of legos

Help your teen learn how to take responsibility for her mistakes. #familytoolbox #heartparenting

Memory Verse Video for Kids

Advent starts tomorrow and that means it's Truth in the Tinsel time! Get yours now and have a meaningful Advent with even the littlest ones! Get 20% off the ebook with the code theboys at checkout!

When You're Tired of Missing Jesus {with The Printable} - how to do a Thanks Giving Tree

Spirituality for Kids - 12 video lessons with printables. Free.

Bucket-Filling Videos (including songs) for Character Education. Students learn from simple concepts like "filling their character bucket" the importance of making respectful choices. For example, when you are kind you fill your bucket, when you share you fill your bucket, etc. Teachers can first model this concept and then have students participate as well.

new testament reading chart

12 Bible verses that all include parts of the body. Lessons to go with each verse.

God Made Me Printable. Teaching kids about their body parts (Ears, Eyes, Hands, Feet, Mouth, Heart) and what God desires for us to do with each part of the body. Has verses to look up in the bible that discuss these different parts of the body. (you have to scroll down to "Thursday" on the linked page to get to the verses)

Free Bible Crafts and Bible Activities

Sword of the Spirit Foil Tape and Craft Stick Bible Craft from

10 reasons your kids should memorize the 10 commandments

Bible memorization tool - available on ipad, too

great Bible apps for kids, some free!

Who I am in Christ - 40 days Bible study, free download

Lent...Holy Week...Easter. How to celebrate!

Families with Purpose: Easter and Lent activities, traditions and rituals. Great ideas!

The PNEU schedules for various grades, compiled by Kathy. ''

Bible History Blog, from the creators of the biblical timeline picutred

Some say this is the BEST Bible for young children. Could be used for AO years 0, 1 or 2. The Child's Story Bible by Catherine Vos.

3 week Fruit of the Spirit study for kids, free download

Memorize the books of the Bible, with visuals

Genesis Bible study - 2 4 week studies and a 6 week. Also, 4 weeks on the Christmas story (for free, although I haven't found the download link...)

Bible Notebook: Sermon Note Sheet for Children