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Lauryn Filip
Lauryn Filip
Lauryn Filip

Lauryn Filip

This one-pan mushroom Asiago chicken recipe brought streams of people in from the hallway to our test kitchen. Everyone wanted to know what smelled so good! - Everyday Dishes & DIY

yeah... my mom tied my shoes for the first three years of my dance career. i learned how to do it myself in a desperate moment. been doing it myself since.

Irish Dance Dress - Boston 2013

Harry Potter Mandrake - the most hilarious baby costume ever!

Are you looking for an all natural way to prevent or get rid of head lice? Try these proven DIY Head Lice Treatments


So different and pretty

Martha Stewart's front door, perfect to greet Thanksgiving guests!

Dance As If: The judge is your grandmother. The stage is your living room only bigger. Keeping your feet turned out, toes pointed, legs crossed and arms glued to your sides is the most natural thing in the world. Everyone who ever said "You can't" is under the stage. :)