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Lauryn Lorraine
Lauryn Lorraine
Lauryn Lorraine

Lauryn Lorraine

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Eleutheromania: (n.) an intense irresistible desire for freedom

Avoid the triangle look; this happens when your curls weigh the roots of your hair down and it creates flatness at the top and bulk at the bottom, resulting in your hair looking like a Christmas tree. Make sure you have a good hairdresser that knows curly hair, and knows proper techniques such as slicing and angling the layers down to reduce bulk. Cut curls at the end of each "S." Try styling and washing upside down, as well as clipping up the roots with clips to get more root lift.

The night sky is part of her head - Character inspiration #writing #nanowrimo

Garlic & Brown Sugar Glazed Chicken ~ Being cooked in its own juices, soy sauce, apple-cider vinegar, brown sugar and seasonings this chicken gains a mix of sweet and savoury aroma and incredible rich taste.


How To Make Your Own Rotisserie Chicken (in a crock pot!)

Love the design. Especially on the fingers

mehendi, henna, design, pretty, hand, ideas

Mehndi designs


I think this is a great shade of pink because like its not too bright that it attracts heaps of attention but it's not to boring

"Together forever never apart, maybe in distance but never in ♥"

The Greek word “Meraki” means to do something with soul, passion, love and creativity or to put yourself in to whatever you do

Tattoo art Or Awesome Tattoo Art ??? What would you like to tell about this ??

Joined sun and moon tattoo. Absolutely gorgeous!

Jean Jail Blue & White Printed Dress