I could see this being a beautiful tattoo someday!

Hammockspecs Page Tasty Grass Coloring Page. Amusing Doggy Coloring Pages. Prepossessing Sheep Coloring Pages Preschool. Foxy Super Mario World Coloring Pages. Delectable Lds Temple Coloring Pages.


Musical notes trailing down a woman's spine tattoo. I would want my notes to look ligther thinner and more linear in nature with no musical notes side by side.

:) :)

Art Image detail for -. Designs and Art For Your Neck butterfly-neck-tattoo body-art

a collection of ankle tats, love the placement, love the ones with shadows that had dimension

I'm in love with this charm bracelet idea currently. And, as with all charm bracelets, I'd make charms for all the important things in my life. And keep adding to it. The only question is Ankle?

Dot work tree  by Lena Lipatova

I love the potential of this tree root tattoo. With every new thought, you could add to the base, a new root. Powerful depiction of life!


7 Amazing New Tattoo Ideas - Travel Tattoo. Travel Tattoo… I’ve seen a few different travel tattoo ideas that include things like a compass, airplane, or even a travel quote, but this is by far.

Owl tattoo

You are wanting to get a tattoo on the thigh and have no idea where to start? The thighs are a good option for large tattoos, a little wider and

Treble clef

Musical Tattoo Hand Engraved Treble Clef Note: The creak of an opening mailbox? Music to our ears. Especially if this lovely note, with a delightfully illustrated black treble clef symbol on thick cream paper, is tucked inside.

batman superman #tattoo #ink #tat

Batman and Superman tattoos. Not big on superheroes but this is a neat foot tattoo idea.

This would make an awesome tat to do on my left foot opposite my treble cleft heart currently on my right foot

( How do you describe a birds song without a recording? This bird tattoo does a good pretrial of a birds song. In Sonnet 73 the bird is singing among the bare trees.