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Lisa Kellner " Ice Melt's Tyrant Spell"

Lisa Kellner Ice Melt’s Tyrant Spell (ME) 2012 This particular installation grew out of a culmination of experiences with ice and snow. Mainers know about ice melt. It’s a thing to see, when a lake.

"Motion" packing tape sculpture by Abigail O. for the Scotch 'Off the Roll' Sculpture Contest 2012;  "Cogs are made of layers of tape so that they are opaque and stiff. The ballerina, on the other hand, is made with strips of tape as small as 1cm wide to preserve the details. Rolled plastic wrap add the finishing touches to her costume. When the gears rotate, the precariously balanced ballerina spins in a slow but graceful motion."

Ballerina sculpture for Scotch(R) Off The Roll Tape Sculpture Contest - 2012

Polar bear made from plastic bags and tape

Polar bear made from plastic bags and tape - this whole art lesson is amazing- from the first polar bear drawings to the finished sculptures!

The Scotch Off the Roll Tape Sculpture Contest is an unusual competition of sculptures made out of sticky tapes. The scultures in this gallery are made by by sticking bits of tape together or by wrapping them around objects which are then removed from the piece.

Postman" packing tape sculpture by Joshua R. for the Scotch 'Off the Roll' Tape Sculpture Contest, 2010 - photo from Amusing Planet

FRANZ WEST Paßstück, c. 1980 Cardboard roll, metal, scotch tape, paper, glue, fabric and dispersion paint

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