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Crowns, Tiaras & Royal Jewels

Crowns, Tiaras & Royal Jewels

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Jewelry belonging to Egyptian Princess Soraya Esfandiary-Bakhtiari, former wife of the Shah of Iran.

Circa 1860-1880 diamond tiara in its case. Composed of five graduated palmette elements, above a line with trefoil motifs and an openwork link base, set throughout with old-cut diamonds, all elements detachable, mounted in silver and gold. Via Christie's.

Iranian National -Royal- Jewels

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Royal jewels - Queen Frederika tiara.jpg

Bling fling: Royal crowns and tiaras

The most Beautiful crown I've even seen. The Empresses Crown, from the Russian Royal Jewels collection.

Royal Jewel Pendant of Queen Elizabeth.

  • Adam Loeffel
    Adam Loeffel

    This does not belong to Queen Elizabeth II. It was purchased by Frederick Augustus II (1733-1763) who became its first royal owner. He bought the Dresden Green from a Dutch merchant named Delles, at the Leipzig Fair in 1741. Augustus II was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1734 until 1763, as well as Elector of Saxony in the Holy Roman Empire from 1733 until 1763. It is part of the Crown Jewels of Saxony and remains part of the collection on display in Dresden today.

Sapphire Parure of the Marie-Louise Empress of France

Habsburg Saphir Parure und DIADEM| Hochzeitsgeschenk des Kaisers Franz an seine Tochter Marie-Louise

Sapphire, Pearl, & Diamond tiara. Belonged to Queen Marie-Amelie; set includes earrings & brooches. French Royal jewel Collection.

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Russian Field Tiara from the Romanov Royal collection

Empress Josephine’s Sapphire Tiara

Sapphires Parure Crown Jewels France - Saphires Joyaux de la Couronne | Kaiserin Josephine von Frankreich
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    Valerie Villanueva

    Wow! Guess she loved sapphires since her engagement ring is also sapphires and diamonds.

THE ROMANOVS JEWELS ~ The famous pendant of 1790 that could be presented by Catherine II to her courtiers. Opened, in details

Stalking the Belle Époque: Gifts of Grandeur

Queen Elizabeth's Crown.

Bavarian Royal Crown

Bavarian Royal Jewels

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Iran royal jewels

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Bling fling: Royal crowns and tiaras

Coronation Crown of Louis XV

Wallis Simpson

Marie Antoinette's Blue Diamond When Marie Antoinette arrived in France she brought this stone with her, a greyish blue heart shaped diamond of 5.46 metric carats. As private property it never went with the Crown Jewels and was not not therefore stolen in 1792. Just before her execution the Queen presented the stone to a close confidant who was Polish and the stone went to Poland where, other than occasional appearances it lived until being sold in 1967 to a private European buyer.

Considered to be the most celebrated diamond in the Iranian Crown Jewels and one of the oldest known to man, the 186-carat Darya-i-Nur is a crudely fashioned stone measuring 41.40 × 29.50 × 12.15 mm. The name means Sea of Light, River of Light, or Ocean of Light. It is a table or 'taviz' cut diamond. Both the Darya-i-Nur and the historic Koh-i-Noor are said to have been in the possession of the first Mogul emperor of India, from whom they descended to Mohammed Shah. When the latter was def...

The Darya-i-Nur Diamond

Miss Universe 2009 Crown

Tiara of the Princes von Wrede.