beautiful strawberry still life

Some gorgeous Wexford Strawberries displaying a great color scheme of warm pink mint white(with accents of red and an aqua blue)


Read outside, in the grass. books about adventures and friends. and I was all the time alone with the grass, feeling the scent of the book above all. so, I guess my best friends are a book and some little spot of grass.

summer picnic

Brilliant Bicycle Decor for the Home and Garden Bicycle Picnic !

Daydreaming and swinging in a field of lavendar . . . perfect.

Simple pleasure is swinging and enjoying the beauty of the lilac field.

Vintage-style garden

Adding a hanging hammock bed or chair to your garden design creates an interesting and attractive centerpiece for summer backyard ideas

Summer retreat

A garden shed, hut or wendy house becomes a beautiful and practical garden room. This romantic garden shed is painted in shades of palest mint green and sky blue.

Relaxed garden hammock

Garden Hammock with loads of pretty cushions and a throw! Perfect place to read a book or take a lovely nap =)

Summer meadow

I love the simplicity of just mowing paths through the grassy, flowery meadow.


A green meadow full of dandelion seed puffs.ahh i call this field of dreams and wishes .


Wildflower Field Dress up photo shoot! Tips and tricks for newborn baby pictures Very Cute idea! girl and horse


Meadow Book of Ra


A sun filled day, without a watch, no where to go with the thing to do was counting clouds while lying peacefully in a field. Ah, then a nap! Now that's a day dream!


the sun on the meadow is summery warm.


Photography by Andrea Hübner

I'd like a dry summer.


dreamy fairy forest clearing with pink flowers covering forest floor, ethereal hazey lighting, pink blossom flower trees


You Led Me-Barlow Girl w/lyrics I am the broken. I am the bruised.