Would be a cool shot with your bridesmaids... If we all got our nails done the same ;) @Kelsey Sanner

Bridesmaid Picture - The Bridal Party does the same nail polish color and takes a photo of their fingers making a heart shape! (Except, the bride should have her rings on!

You can each hold up a picture of your parent's wedding... I think this is sweet.

Groom holding a picture of his parents on their wedding. Bride holding a picture of her parents on their wedding. Love this idea!

Genius Watermelon Cutting Tip

2 Brilliant Watermelon Cutting Tricks You'll Want to Try

This totally changed the way I cut watermelon! The simple way she cuts this watermelon by first cutting it in half. Then carefully cutting the rinds off working top down allows you to save more watermelon for eating than awkwardly working with quarter.

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grandma. bride. mother of bride.

A cute wedding photo idea: three generations of wedding rings (grandma, bride, and mom).

cute wedding pic with bridesmaids heres another similar idea but I really like how the bridesmaids are looking at the mirror,thats really cute!

Bridal party - Photo idea - I love this. You can see both Sides! :) Reactions and the Bride! but have bridesmaids looking at the bride, not mirror

amazing wedding gourd pic idea

75+ New Must-Have Photos With Your Groom

WEDDING PHOTOS - Draw a heart on the ground with chalk so you can get this amazing photo op - Nice idea for the family/group photo that doesn't just look like a jumble, much quicker/easier to organize everyone, and no height worries.

Good Idea To Snap A Picture Of The Bridesmaids Holding Signs Saying " Just Wait Until You See Her..."

To send the groom before the wedding. Send in a picture text! Cute idea, and I like the dress color!

objetsdevertu:  (via (Pinterest) Hapless Bride)

Everybody talks about a pic of when the groom first sees the bride, but don't forget about a picture when Dad first sees her! My favorite part of the wedding is watching the groom see the bride. now it's also the dad seeing the daughter

Only the bride & groom in color makes it feel like a moment frozen in time. @Tracey Fox Fox Schauf

With only the bride and groom in color, it really emphasized the purpose of a photo--a moment frozen in time. It really seems like time is standing still in the photo. I love this photo idea!

Cuuuute! Pre-wedding so that the bride and the groom still don't see each other. I love how nervous he looks. What a great way to get the "before" shot and capture all of those emotions!

Reminds me of my wedding photo. So sweet.This bride and groom managed to take pre-ceremony photos without actually seeing each other: behind a door. (Photo by Gina Leigh, via PBFingers)

Inspiration for different types of photos to do with the bridal party. - Click image to find more Weddings Pinterest pins

Group Photography Ideas: 20 Creative Wedding Poses for Bridal Party. Funny bridal party pose my-fantasy-wedding