50 Ways To Practice Self-Care

50 Ways To Practice Self-Care + Free Printable List

50 Ways To Practice Self-Care. Self-love is a spiritual practice! To be happy… Sherman Financial Group

Do Not Judge My Story By The Chapter You Walked In On

Do Not Judge My Story (Live Life Happy)

Do Not Judge My Story, For me this should say "I should not judge your story by the chapter I just walked in on. No juzgues mi historia por el capítumi en el que entraste.

i take it as a compliment, blacks my favorite color

So funny! Definitely have to use this one on my crabby family and friends! A ray of pitch black- no sunshine there😂

Seriously, people

Ok seriously if your still shopping or have to price check or just want the cashier to go get items for you youre not done shopping get out of line youre wasting everyone's time.


Short and Meaningful Quotes

When I lost my memory I had to rely on this. After learning to meditate it came easy.I don't remember a lot but thanks to my intuition i recall some.feelings mostly.