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two mannequins are sitting in front of some shoes
an abstract poster with the words bauhs on it
color scheme – Architectural Style
color scheme, #architecturalstyletimeline #Color #scheme
a room filled with tables and chairs covered in bright colored paint on the ceiling above them
DE STIJL / cafe
DE STIJL / cafe on Behance
the room is full of colorful bookshelves and chairs
Mondrian Furni
#interior #archviz #rendering #3d #architecture #design #model #modern #indoor #mondrian #blue #red #yellow
a stainless steel sink faucet and soap dispenser on a grey countertop
CEA Design Offers the Ultimate and Timeless Wellness Experience
CEA Design Offers the Ultimate and Timeless Wellness Experience ➤ #cea #ceadesign #luxurybathrooms #bathrooms #timelessdesign #faucets #bathroomdesigns #madeinitaly
a bathroom with a toilet, sink and shower
Neues Badezimmer? 14 Tipps, wie Sie Kosten sparen
Ideal Standard Connect Air
a mirror sitting on top of a wooden shelf next to a black wall and white pillows
I GESSATI | Lavabo ovale Vasque à poser ovale en marbre de Carrara By Antonio Lupi Design | design gumdesign
Vasque à poser ovale en marbre de Carrara I GESSATI | Lavabo ovale by Antonio Lupi Design
a white room with a round mirror and stool in the corner, next to a black and white rug
Antonio Lupi le bain au design 100% contemporain
Antonio Lupi est une société qui ne néglige aucun détail quant à la réalisation de chacun de ses produits, spécialisés dans l'univers de la salle de bain haut de gamme. Du mitigeur de lavabo, à la vasque jusqu'aux meubles de salles de bains, Antonio Lupi s'emploie à établir un équilibre parfait entre l'esthétique et la fonctionnalité de chaque réalisation. #antoniolupi #valentedesign #architecture #interiordesign #madeinitaly #bathroomdesign #salledebain #bathroominspiration #italiandesign
a black and white tiled floor with a sink in the middle on top of it
Porcelain stoneware, marble & wood Flooring | Devon&Devon
Elite, Collection of floorings and coatings wall coverings.
a bathroom with two sinks and three mirrors on the wall next to eachother
Contemporary radiators that fit perfectly with pop style
ORESTE & EMMA - Antrax
two orange and yellow paper figures on a black wall in front of a white door
Radiatore Oreste & Emma
Radiatore Oreste & Emma design Andrea Crosetta collezione:Griffe by Antrax
a close up of a wooden floor with a business card on the bottom right corner
Homepage - Ginardi Arredamenti
the sideboard is made out of metal and has geometric designs on it, as well as red flowers
The Art Mosaic Factory
What makes Sicis unique is the savoir faire expressed in mosaic, declined in all its forms.
a mannequin with a black hat on it's head and gold sequins
Golden Tile Work from Mosaic Tile Masters – Sicis The Art Factory – Be Creative
Sicis Mannequin Lamp Sculpture
a gold colored statue is standing in front of a mosaic wall
SICIS Icons Mosaic Collection
an image of a tile wall that looks like it is made out of glass
for front door shelter wall
an old fashioned phone is on the wall
Mosaicomicro, framamosaici | homify
Qui puoi trovare foto di idee di design d’interni. Lasciati ispirare!
an old record player sitting on the floor
Mosaicomicro, framamosaici | homify
Qui puoi trovare foto di idee di design d’interni. Lasciati ispirare!
two cans of beer sitting on top of each other in front of a brown wall
Mosaicomicro, framamosaici | homify
Qui puoi trovare foto di idee di design d’interni. Lasciati ispirare!
an orange table sitting in front of a painting on a black and white wall next to a red stool
Sumi-e Lambda λ e Delta Δ sono varianti dello stesso concetto, un progetto che nasce dalla scomposizione della forma del quadrato per dare vita a nuove strutture geometriche. Ritagliando un sotto-modulo all’interno della tessera del mosaico classico, sono state create piccole forme, triangolari nel caso di Delta e quadrate per Lambda. Design by Piero Lissoni
the floor is made up of hexagonal tiles in shades of blue and green
Płytki Bisazza | Kolekcja by PAOLA NAVONE | IH - Internity Home
Płytki Bisazza | Kolekcja by PAOLA NAVONE #bisazza #tilesensations #tiles #flortiles #patchworktiles #patchwork
an assortment of different patterns on the ground
Collezione Textone - Pietra Lavica Serigrafata Nerosicilia
NeroSicilia Lava Stone Tiles Carrelage Pierre de Lave Bathroom Cuisine Salle de Bain Wunderkammer Paris
the sidewalk has many different designs on it
Collezione Textone - Pietra Lavica Serigrafata Nerosicilia
two white couches sitting next to each other in front of a striped wallpaper
Home Page
a kettle sitting on top of a floor next to a wall
Home Page
a long counter with stools and bowls on it in a room that has black walls
Tile store | Mosaic Tile Store | Buy tile in Manalapan, NJ
bisazza decori modern treillage #bisazza #Italian #Mosaic #Tile
a modern living room with concrete floors and white bookshelves on the side wall
Porcelain stoneware tiles: ideas for your house
SistemP ceramic tiles Marazzi_7024
there is a vase with some plants in it on the table next to two glasses
LIMESTONE - Pavimenti e Rivestimenti Cotto d'Este
Limestone Collection | Cotto d'este
an abstract sculpture is displayed in front of a white wall with blue and yellow designs
Ceramiche Caesar | Home
Layers, patterns, textures, shades, touch, and conceptual art: all merged in the new porcelain tile series by Caesar, inspired by modern trends of fashion and urban living. #patterns #trends #lines #art #conceptual #living #livingroom #modern #design #Cersaie #bathroom #finishing #surfaces #design #ceramic #floor #wall #tiles #stoneware #interior #design #architecture #arredo #superfici #ceramica #mattonelle #piastrelle #arredamento #pavimenti #rivestimenti
a table with two cups on it in front of a wall made of wood planks
Ceramiche Caesar | Home
Ceramiche Caesar Whisper - Made in USA
a living room filled with lots of furniture next to a large window covered in plants
Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles | Indoor and Outdoor | Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde stone-look floors and walls | Atlas Concorde stone-look walls and porcelain floors reproduce the details of the material of inspiration with extreme naturalness. | #AtlasConcorde | #Floor #Wall #Tiles
a vase with a plant in it sitting on top of a table
Porcelain tiles: over 30 Collections | Atlas Concorde
a blue and gold geometric wallpaper with an abstract design in the middle, next to a round metal object
archiproducts -
#AtlasConcorde is joining #DesignDistrict2017 in Rotterdam to showcase the dynamic and three-dimensional claddings of the 3D Wall Design collection, full of designer reliefs. #archiproducts (presso Rotterdam)
a gold and blue vase sitting on top of a wooden table next to a wall
Wall Tiles: Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles for Walls | Atlas Concorde
Atlas Concorde floors and walls: ceramic surfaces for design projects | Atlas Concorde offers ceramic collections for porcelain floors and walls that combine excellent technical performance and unique aesthetic appeal. The versatile and complete range of Atlas Concorde floors and walls meet, in a creative and functional way, the evolved needs of contemporary planning for indoor and outdoor design projects. | #AtlasConcorde | #Floor #Wall #Tiles