Orihime Inoue

30 Day Anime Challenge - Day Favorite Supporting Female Character - Inoue Orihime from Bleach


Ichigo Kurosaki of Bleach - He's like the guy friend I wish I had. I don't really know what it's like to have a very protective friend, but it be cool.

Nelliel & Grimmjow

Type: Fan Art, Anime(s)/Show(s): Bleach, Character(s): Left to Right: Nelliel, Grimmjow Comment: This actually looks really cool I might make these jackets.


Captain Hisugaya, Lieutenant Kira, Captain Kuchiki, Lieutenant Rangiku, Lieutenant Hisagi only a Bleach fan would know all the names


my bleach magnet design was sell on jump event 2 I really fun to do bleach fan gift inkking on paper paint on ps bleach - my magnet