St. Petersburg, Russia - love the doorhandle, claw with red glass ball

Petersburg, Russia - love the door handle with claw holding the red glass ball

Mary in Opulence

Deity halo or just a crown? There aren't enough days in the year that require full costumes. If I was declared an evil goddess, I would change this.

darkbeautymag: “ “Lady of Sorrow” — Photographer: Gianluca Palma Stylist/Headpiece/Accessories/Makeup: Carlo Papezzera Special Thanks: Romeur Academy ”

Important Story Character, Oldest child of Glorina Zelia Vale, Son, Older Brother to my twin sister Aurora Dorina Sylvina Vale and I

Couture Black Crystal 'Cristallum' Kokoshnik by livfreecreations

TatiTati Style ♡ Couture Black Crystal 'Cristallum' Kokoshnik by livfreecreations


~ A space where I let the inspiration of Nature speak, sharing the beauty, magic, wisdom and wonder of our green planet, and her dreams and wishes of our magnificent future together ~

headress religious looking

costume design Katarzyna Konieczka photography and style Katarzyna Widmanska model Alicja Sułek makeup Kasia Świebodzińska assistant Wojtek Kasprzak 不知怎麼 很令人印象深刻

Château de Gudanes. Reminds me of Keramzin.

Chateau de Gudanes: A château in the south of France is under restoration.It was an abandoned,neglected & ruined chateau tucked neatly into a deep valley in the French Pyrénées. A site where the first stories of religious tragedies began in the century.


frrmsd: “ Artist & Illustrator: kelogsloops “La Lune” “ “Already too deep in love with gold ink :’) This little lady is named “La Lune”, and you can even watch how I painted her down below!

Poster from Blossom Books

My amazing Dutch publisher, Blossom Books, commissioned it from artist Elsa Kroese to celebrate the release of Ruin and Rising in the Netherlands. The details are killing.

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Fallows group of extreme hunters. Ends up being a pack mule. His parents were American-Russian spies and benefited the Americans greatly. It helped the American extremest to send off the missiles.