Art by Linda Chapman

All art ©Linda Chapman 2012
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black and white photograph of artwork on display in an art gallery with two paintings hanging from the wall
Linda Chapman | MoMA
Linda Chapman | MoMA
two black birds sitting on top of metal vases
Raphael's Crows, watercolor, 25" x 40", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of a cat sitting on the ground with flowers in it's mouth
The Flower Seller, watercolor, 26" x 22", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a bird sitting on top of a chair next to a dog in front of a window
The Intruder, watercolor and conte crayon, 38" x 28", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of monkeys and flowers in the jungle
Monkeys and Orchids at Night, 36" x 48", ©Linda Chapman 2012
an old arcade machine with all the buttons and symbols on it's display board
Air Raid, watercolor, 30" x 16", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of flowers and fruit in a basket on a tablecloth with an umbrella
Tulips and Mangoes, watercolor, 18" x 19", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a group of statues sitting next to each other
Shadow Dancing, watercolor, 25" x 42", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of flowers in a vase on a table
Tribute, watercolor, 21" x 20", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of some fruit in a bowl on top of a tablecloth with an ornate pattern
Italian Table, watercolor, 12" x 16", ©Linda Chapman 2012
an advertisement for ringling bros and baum & bailey's, combined shows a bear with a bird
Combined Shows, watercolor, 25" x 33.5", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a drawing of a monkey with his hand on the arm
Chimp Study, charcoal, 9.5" x 8", ©Linda Chapman 2012
there is a painting on the wall with flowers in vases and other things around it
Sleeping Beauty, watercolor, 30" x 37", ©Linda Chap,am 2012
a painting of a dog and a bird on a table
Habitat, watercolor, 32" x 28", ©Linda Chapman 2012
a painting of a statue next to a piano and sheet music with strawberries on the table
Sleepwalking, watercolor, 30" x 22", ©Linda Chapman 2012, Collection of Contemporary Art Museum, USF, Tampa, FL