Gifts for a Roller Derby Girl

As a derby girl, I have a whole team of best friends in need of the perfect gift. Gear? Socks? Leggings? It's all here!
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Roller Derby Jammer Helmet Rubber Stamp.

Retro Roller Skate Socks.

Block Like Me t-shirt.

Derby hot pants.

Stomp Factor 1 Derby Elite Skate.

Customizable helmet covers so you look badass during rollouts.

Custom painted helmets.

Zuca Wheeled Derby Skate Bag.

Down and Derby: The Insider's Guide to Roller Derby.

Knockdown Knits: 30 Projects from the Roller Derby Track.

Skate tool.

Roller Derby Workout with The Heart Attacks.

Outdoor Wheel kit for trail skating.

Mouth Guard Case.

Bearings Cleaning Unit.

Rollergirl: Totally True Tales from the Track

Roller skate straps for easy carrying.

Roller derby blocker socks.

Derby girl skate stocking.

Roller Derby wheel bearing necklace.

Roller derby jammer socks.

SISU Mouth Guard.

Derby number armbands.

Roller Derby Script Patch.

Custom vinyl helmet decal.