Though the best moments are fleeting, it doesn't mean they didn't happen. Think about this the next time you feel unseen.

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Trusting that love will prevail is the simplest but most difficult task.It undermines all strategy and sometimes reason.The heart has a strategy - be true, just be true.

Thank you!

I'm so grateful for this amazing morning and I'm also grateful for BREAK TIME!!!!

As spiritual beings in a physical body, we are all naturally psychic to one extent or the other. And what is psychic? Strokes of intuition. What is intuition? Mixing personal experience, physical knowledge, and earthly wisdom to come up with a thesis. Taking a stand on what you believe to be true. Whether it's right or wrong, it's true for you and it's something to continuously listen changes.

Make your way across this earth with the force of strength that radiates down and through your body.

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