Full marks to the blazer that is chosen to go with the boy-next-door outfit . "Blazers can be super casual. Just be sure to keep it simple with the graphic tee and other pieces so you don't end up looking like you are out of an episode of Jersey Shore.

Johnny Depp & Tim Burton

My favorite people ever. Couldn't have said it better---> "Johnny Depp & Tim Burton --genius plural"

Calça xadrez.

grey sweater, plaid pants (I know I'm trying to act like I like the clothes, but you know it's really about the beard)

Jean shirt over plaid shirt over white t-shirt. Sunglasses. David Beckham.

David Beckham - Jean shirt over plaid shirt over white t-shirt. The stanly knife can only be for the photo! There is no way David B would go anywhere near his cuticles with one!


We got our closet organization down to a ‘T’! From jackets to alphabetized book titles, organization is a cinch in this gorgeously designed closet & library space.


grey graphic t-shirt, dark blazer, tan jeans (cords?) cuffed and black and white saddle shoes. Yes, saddle shoes!

linen shirt

Stuff I wish my boyfriend would wear (29 photos)

Linens always send the "sophisticated, yet effortless" vibe. The straw hat fits very well with the linen for a sweet summer look.

The Kennedy Brothers

The Kennedy Curse.Robert Francis "Bobby" Kennedy was assassinated on June 1968 in Los Angeles. This photo shows the Kennedy brothers, John and Bobby both assassinated, and Ted Kennedy who died after battling a brain tumor.

laid back #menswear

An entry from Regardless GardeROBE

Ryan Gosling and Steve Carell

Morning coffee (39 photos)

Steve Carrell and Ryan Gosling. The best part is that Ryan Gosling is using a brush to put make-up on his lips. Makes me wanna watch crazy stupid love.


Translate this to women's wear . silk scarf, chambray shirt, light gray suit blazer, and paired with slacks or charcoal midi skirt with boots.

#Mens #StreetStyle

David Gandy was recently announced as our most stylish Brit, and here he rocks a grey tweed suit perfect for a timeless, formal look.

Beautiful Life

Fratelli Rossetti I'm still looking for a cool pair of brown leather dress shoes.