Fun idea for force and motion activity.

Marble Races with a cheap pool noodle (occupies the kids for hours.) Did this, but instead of cutting the pool noodle, the marble is small enough to fit inside the full noodle to roll down. Then can use the noodle for other things too!

Smart! re-use a rotisserie chicken container as a mini greenhouse

Love this- science botany project. Reuse a rotisserie chicken container as a mini greenhouse!

Butterfly Life Cycle with Noodles

Spring and Easter Science Butterfly Kindergarten Lesson Plan - use pasta to make life cycle of butterfly!

{snowflakes} easy to make:: In a wide mouth canning jar, add 3 Tbsp of borax per 2 cups of boiling water. stir to dissolve. Make a shape using a pipe cleaner, and hang it from a pencil suspended across the jar mouth using a piece of yarn (don't let it touch the bottom). Be sure water is high enough to cover. Leave overnight.

Dip a pipecleaner snowflake into a Borax solution and let dry. 3 tbs borax and 2 cups boiling water, dip pipecleaner mold in solution overnight. let dry

Mr. Potato Head 5 Senses

Potato head will make learning our 5 SENSES fun! Kids can design their potato head in their own unique way and then label the 5 main senses! This would be a great idea for preschool through possibly the first grade!

When you're teaching weather, sing Cindy Sherwood's catchy cloud song!

Fun song about clouds. A great way to get students excited about what they are about to learn and provide them with a good way to remember facts about the clouds.

Noodle Racing - Easy, cheap, and bound to provide hours of fun for anyone!

DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track - fun Eid party idea for younger boys - have car races

Make a solar oven with a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil. You can also do it with a Styrofoam sandwich box. Great for your energy unit!

This worked great at camp. Try to find a box deeper than the regular pizza box. Solar S'mores: Make a solar oven with a recycled pizza box lined with aluminum foil. It's a snack and a craft project .

DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

So summer is on its way out so get an old pool noodle and turn it into a very cool racing track. Ramblings From Utopia: DIY: Pool Noodle Race Track

Kindergarten poetry journal ideas.

Just 4 Teachers: Sharing Across Borders: A Gift: Kindergarten Poetry Journal; amazing poetry journal pages for kids


We then made theses cute little magnets as we did a picture sort. Magnetic items went on the magnet and non-magnetic items went on the sentence strip way away from the magnet as they repelled.

Regrow celery - what an easy and fun experiment!

Regrow celery by putting the stalk (with 2 inches left) in a dish of water. Once it grows leaves, you can plant it. Use only the outside stalks and itll continue to grow from the inside. (outdoor, gardening, grow your own food, vegetables) diy

collection of book-related crafts

"Little Cloud" Activity

Little Cloud by Eric Carle (learning activity). Cloud painting craft: mix equal parts of Elmer's glue and shaving cream to make a fluffy paste. Then have your child create their own cloud on construction paper usin their hands or a spoon.