How To: Keep Your Strapless Bra in place

IT Works: Strapless Bra Trick. Supposedly keeps strapless bra from sliding down.

Casual Style Solid Color Long Sleeves Hoodie For Women if only the zipper wouldnt land in an unfortunate place on me

Secret Garden – Bridal Collection By Naomi Neoh 2014

Naomi Neoh 2014 Wedding Dresses — Secret Garden Bridal Collection


What to do with a backless dress, sew bra cups into it. Wish i wouldn't thought of this sooner. I love to wear dresses

Wing - Vintage Style, Big Hood, w/ Thumb Holes. <3 I really like this.

Wing - Vintage Style, Big Hood, w/ Thumb Holes. I want this. I want this a lot.

T Shirt Dress DIY

T Shirt Dress DIY - Make a cute Summer Dress

T Shirt Dress DIY This is an easy project from what I can tell. Just take two tshirts, one in your size and one your size. Cut the ruffle skirt from the big tee, sew and gather and then sew it to the tee that's your size.


Top 10 DIY T-Shirt Refashion Tutorials

This is so easy! take a plain black tanktop or any color of tanktop and cut strips up to the top but don't cut them the whole way off. there you have it. A fringe tanktop! great for the beach or to wear over another tanktop.

I WANT THIS SO MUCH! Spotted Bow Back 4th Top - Fourth 4th of july top Modern Vintage Boutique

Spotted Bow Back Top - Fourth of july top Modern Vintage Boutique. I really like this but would rather have blue and white stripes with a red bow.

love this top Binks!!!!Hendrik Vermeulen

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