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wise stuff

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benefits of tea

Any Time Can Be Tea Time


Jet Set | Praveeni Perera

THESE TIPS ARE AMAZING. Use shower hooks to hang jeans. | 53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

53 Seriously Life-Changing Clothing Organization Tips

how to hang a sweater on a hanger and not stretch it out. Mind blown.

How to Hang a Sweater

pot of boiling water, add baking soda until water fizzes, and add dirty stove vents

The Everyday Cinderella: Clean your stove vents

What to take? When to pack? HOW to pack? Get the answers!

Suction cup cover for the bathtub overfill drain so you can actually have a full tub when you want one

Exercises to do with patients after CVA

Exercises for Stroke CVA | LIVESTRONG.COM

Life. Family. Love.: Homemade Febreze

Life. Family. Love.: Homemade Febreze

Dark circles... begone! This Benefit Erase Paste is truly a game changing makeup product... creamy but looks light, brightens and conceals. Love. I may have to try. Love me some benefit. Need some bad

Beauty Sneak Peek: Benefit's Erase Paste |
  • Kayla Brady
    Kayla Brady

    I love this stuff! It works.

well well... that's genius.

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 83 Pics

Writers on writing and writer's block.

4 Best Writer's Block Infographics

100 Calories gone fast.

Who Wins? Mental Toughness vs the Law Of Attraction

What's the Coco Chanel quote? "I don't care what you think about me. I don't think about you at all."


Life's Little Instructions Given By A 95-Year-Old Friend?ref=pinp nn There are so many lessons I wish I had learned while I was young enough to appreciate and apply them. The thing with wisdom, and often with life lessons in general, is that they’re learned in retrospect, long after we needed them. The good news is that other people can benefit from our...

Life’s Little Instructions Given By A 95-Year-Old Friend

diy rain barrel

BeachBrights: Everybody is Going Green

I'm sorry, WHY have I never thought about this?! Mind blown!

Genius | DIY Relics

22 Impossibly Practical Life Hacks Everyone Should Try

Lost the button from your jeans stuck for a replacement? Try stitching on a sewing machine bobbin! It’s just the right size for the buttonhole has the similar “post” ease of a jeans button. #sew

Listerine (the amber color) works great to keep skeeters away from your yard. Spray it on the grass, in the bushes, around doors, on lawn chairs and patio. let it sit for a half hour and no skeeters. We have been using this for two years now and I am still amazed at how well it works. The smell doesn't last, but lack of skeeters does. For us it worked for almost two days.

Listerine For Mosquito Repellent?

Great character writing tip!

should-i-toss-it. Not just for spring cleaning, but for all the incoming students moving in!

Flowchart: Should I Throw That Thing Out?

Turn all the Hangers in Your Closet Backwards - Top 58 Most Creative Home-Organizing Ideas and DIY Projects

MAC Twig Lipstick Dupes! - Lipstick Dupe Lipstick Dupe