way to upcycle jeans!

Made to Order Chloé jean skirt purple satin lace bohemian goddess Renaissance Denim Couture

Wouldn't this be a fun prom dress idea just layer with lots of toule--Chloé jean skirt.---forget cut off shorts, way to upcycle torn jeans! Way cute

How to Remove Paint From Hardware . I'll need this one day.

How to Remove Paint From Hardware

How to remove paint from hardware. Hot water in old crock pot paint stripping. Soak painted hardware in hot water to loosen many layers of paint and make cleaning much easier. Works on most paints. Not so on finishes like lacquer.

How to cut burlap so that it won't unravel...good tip since its being used a lot in weddings right now!

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel

How To Cut Burlap So That it Won't Unravel. In case I ever need to cut burlap so it wont unravel.

Sweater pillow... great reuse

Striped Wool Upcycled Sweater Pillow

make from an old sweater

Roses come in cashmere too!scarf made of cashmere that's been cut and wound into a semblance of a rose, then sewn together. LOVE this scarf! Could do this on more of a budget with fleece or felt. Great gift idea for a girl!

Vintage Ribbon Flag

I'm not usually an American flag decor person, but this is cute! American Flag With Stars and Vintage Lace & Ribbon Stripes fun idea for the of July party.

sweater refashion

Before Husband's Sweater. After Wife's Sweater. -I had a man's sweater that was huge. I used it to make a similar sweater. The button I used is blingy and closure for the button is different.