fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats...

fabric covered cereal boxes for picture mats. who knew? you could use scrapbook paper and modgepodge as well. Trying to think of a neat way to display kids art. Awesome idea for our hallway. Cardboard and I have tons of it from moving.

Family photo color schemes @Jenny Johnson

Family photo color schemes log/what-to-wear-guide-your-color-scheme-photography/'

50 Outstanding Examples Of Family Photographs

50 Outstanding Examples Of Family Photographs. I'll be glad i pinned this one day Blanco I saw you pinned some family photo ideas the other day :)

How Understanding Histograms will Improve your Exposure

Histograms are used to accurately display how over, or under exposed your photo is, and can be viewed on your camera's LCD display (which is typically bad).

Pearl and I !!

Very cute mommy & daughter picture idea. Love the flowing hair and vibrant colors.

13 Things Your Camera Wishes You Knew

13 THINGS YOUR CAMERA WISHES YOU KNEW (Intermediate to Advanced). By Jim Harmer, Landscape photographer, author of six photography instructional books, writer of daily photography tips at Improve Photography, and all around geek.