Laughing is the key to a long happy life. Don't ever lose the kid in you. Don't ever forget the playfulness in life. laugh = happiness ~ This pin is from my 'Laugh, Dance and be Happy' board

Why yes it is!

Funny Thinking of You Ecard: They say a glass of wine a day is good for you. The bottle is glass, right?

This is what I always told my sister!!

My sister used to do this to me! LOL So did my older sister and brother. We told the youngest sister and brother the same thing!

Squats? I Thought You Said Shots Tank Top - Workout Shirt Funny - Women's Crossfit Tank Top Funny

Squats? I Thought You Said Shots Shirt

I Thought Yo Squats? I Thought You Said Shots Tank Top - Workout Shirt Funny - Women's Crossfit Tank Top Funny

phil knows

"The more makeup a woman wears, the more she's tryin' to hide. Makeup can hide a lot of evil." ~ Phil Robertson, Duck Dynasty Cute quote, but makes ya say hmmmm, he just might be on to something!

...every time.

I Waste So Much Time

how you doin'?I totally did read it in my mind in the exact voice of Joey! Oh how I LOVE Friends!

This has got my brother written all over it! hick pool!

bucket list : fill a truck bed with water and make a pool/hot tub.

More ideas
Uncle Si I thought of you Christian Kiermier ;)

Get To Know Si Robertson. Si Robertson is the crazy uncle to Jase and Willie Robertson. Millions of Duck Dynasty fans tune in each week to Get To Know Si Robertson better. Uncle Si has had a big impact of Americans.

You owe me a glass of milk.

Ahhhh the Ol' Baby-in-the-Mirror game. has been eating up Baby-in-the-Mirror lately. Put him in front of the mirror. Put him in front of the mirror.

#baby #scubadiving

funny face I love you.funny face i need have the sweetest face i've ever seen.

Fun summer idea - Fill a swimming pool with water balloons! I'd jump in!

This could be really fun! Drain the water from the pool. Watch the water balloons burst as you jump!

oh no a shart!

Kids do some pretty funny and stupid stuff. QuickLOL has a massive collection of hilarious pictures of kids. You’ll laugh until you poop your diaper!


You are the crapbag to my Princess Consuela Banana Hammock. Now that is true love! (you won't get this unless you watched Friends)