22 Hard To Kill House Plants

22 Hard To Kill Houseplants

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Top Terrarium Plants

Top Terrarium Terrariums help bring greenery to indoor spaces, but will flourish with the best terrarium plants. See our favorite selection of terrarium plants -- in beautiful containers -- to help you create your own.


Bell jars, sideways glass vases, and hanging glass containers for terrariums. Points on the side for clear glass terrariums!

More container gardens - succulents

Succulent Plant Information: container planting Graptoveria 'Fred Ives', Crassula erosula 'Campfire', Kalanchoe pumila, and Poncirus trifoliata 'Flying Dragon'.


don't even know if it is possible to grow but it is beautiful I looked it up and I think it is this: Flowers of Echeveria 'Blue Curl' - which is part of the hens and chicks plant

Matsuki kousuke | via satsuki shibuya blog

thatkindofwoman: Dreams are made of such beautiful things. I need a florist in my life. So I can run my fingers across the fresh beauty that adorns their studios as we chat.

sedum garden

Succulents are so beautiful! I've posted a picture of succulents before, but I just couldn't resist! Look at all these beautiful colors, and imagine owning these succulents! Succulents are Easy to take care of as house plants and Absolutely beautiful!

Faceted Terrariums | west elm

Faceted Terrariums

Green house effect. With its concrete base and simple, stylish design, this glass House Terrarium is great for arranging your succulents, ferns and small flowers.