Bridal shower gift~ Either way if you buy this type of a gift or put them together ... Great idea for shower gifts!

Baby Girl Unique Gift Basket - audjiefied

turn your bridesmaid dress into a baby quilt and gift it back to the bride at her baby shower! LOVEEEE this idea

Bear Hugs Baby: DIY Baby Shower Gifts

"Daddy baby shower" gift idea

New Mommy Survival Kit! 1. KISSES: for both mommy & baby! (Hershey kisses) 2. MIRROR: to remind you that you're important too! 3. MARBLES: to replace the ones you lose! 4. HAIR ELASTICS: to remind you to stay flexible! 5. LIFESAVERS: to save you from one of those days. 6. TISSUES: to wipe your tears, baby's tears too! 7. ERASER: to remind you that everyone makes mistakes! 8. STARBURST: to give you an extra "burst" of energy! 9. SOUR PATCH KIDS: to remind you that every baby is diffe...

Baby Boy Gift Basket Idea

Boy diaper cupcake

Great gift idea

diaper baby shower gift- how stinking cute is this???

Love this idea. Lots of ideas on the Sterilite blog. Awesome baby shower gift in a sweet laundry basket.

Super cute for a baby shower gift idea~ by sarrah.lopez1

Instructions on how to make a great little "survival kit" from a pot holder. Cute for a baby bag - baby shower gift?

Diaper Pizza Pastel / Baby Shower Gift Idea / Easy Craft Idea / Homemade / Diaper Cake

C.R.A.F.T. #87: Personalized Baby Shower Gift - C.R.A.F.T.

Baby shower gift

Baby Shower Gift-'Watch me Grow' I took a 3 tiered hanging magazine rack (can be found at Marshall's/TJMaxx/HomeGoods) and filled each tier (0-3;3-6;9-12) with age appropriate baby things (clothes, books, feeding necessities, hair accessories, swaddlers, pacis, etc). I happened to find one with the chalkboard already on the outside, but you can use chalkboard spray paint too!

30 Unexpected Baby Shower Gifts That Are Sheer Genius - ...

Best Baby Shower Gift Ever - a folder to organize all the important papers that come with having a baby! |

Boy Baby Shower Gift

DIY Hammock-Type Baby Swing…with instructions! Cuteness! @ DIY Home Ideas.

20 best #baby #products for making life as a new mom easier. Honestly, no one needs everything on this list, but each item really would simplify life with a new baby - worth a look.