Lisa Dias-Cabral
Lisa Dias-Cabral
Lisa Dias-Cabral

Lisa Dias-Cabral

Truth-- I've posted about Karma as a rebuttal, but I don't believe in it, I do however believe that there are consequences to our actions, good or bad. People often use karma as wish of harm towards others they feel have wronged them, and that is wrong.

progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything. Follow Sworkit for more inspirational quotes on your journey to greatness! #NoGymNoExcuse

REAL...Something I will tell my daughter eveyday of her life. Especially when she is in tears from her "so called" friends. It's not an age thing, it never ends. I pray for her "realness"...

He's my best friend and the love of my life.

Pastéis de Bacalhau: codfish muffins | Portuguese cuisine

This nutritive serum makes my legs look A-mazing! I'm very pale and this is like adding a nice natural glow. One or two sprays are enough to cover my legs and it really smoothes and makes my skin soft. My legs look silky and tan in a healthy way and all ingredients are natural-organic without any nasty chemicals. My skin absorbs just enough serum and it’s not greasy. It smells delicious and makes me feel great. It just couldn’t be better.

Little girls need to understand that emotions are normal and that they haven’t done anything wrong by having those feelings. But they also need to be taught what to do with those emotions. #lovemom

I'll need to remember this

Mind your own business, we will all be a lot happier if we all just worried about ourselves!

don't ruin a good today because of a bad day yesterday. quotes. wisdom. advice. life lessons.

White lace design sleeves sweater with jeans

OMG! Esta receita de bolo pudim de coco é uma tentação... Preciso experimentar!

beautiful simple things in life

Don't let this world make you bitter. Don't let the actions of other people turn you cold on the inside. Certain things happen that hurt us, people come that leave us, and most of all there are moments when you're bound to fall... ♥ More beautiful quotes on Joy of Mom! ♥ #quotes #inspiration #joyofmom

It's your road and yours alone. Others may walk it with you, But no one can walk it for you. Rumi